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Explore Upcoming Puerto Rico Events

The beach and pool bar at Rincon of the Seas Grand Caribbean Hotel & Villas certainly offer plenty of reasons to stay close to the hotel. But if you want to sample a little local flavor, some of the most popular events in Puerto Rico are taking place just a short drive from the hotel. 
Below you will find a few of our favorite Puerto Rican events. When planning your stay, our staff will be happy to offer additional recommendations and assist with arrangements.

Rincon International Film Festival

In late March and early April, Rincon reveals its cultural side in flying colors with its famed film festival that, within certain categories, rivals San Juan's big-screen bonanzas. Yes, surfing is one of those categories. But for comedy, short films and feature films, this catchy fest turns heads well away from the breaks for a week.

Rincon Triathlon

This triathlon has been going since 1982, which is pretty much ancient history in the triathlon world. Held every June, it’s a classic ironman contest that’s starting to draw some quality international athletes – it makes for a serious fiesta for spectators.

Plaza de Recreo And Art Walk

The Plaza de Recreo deserves a lot of plaudits for having spruced itself up in recent years. It's now once again surrounded by bustling restaurants, bars and even an inn; it becomes positively cacophonous on Thursday evenings with its popular art walk. Its pleasantly designed amphitheater and general leafiness render it one of Puerto Rico's nicer central squares. Rincon is known for water sports and great snorkeling and diving, but there are so many other activities to fill out your vacation. You'll find sunset cruises, parasailing, deep sea fishing and horseback riding , along with whale watching and healthy living activities among many other fun day trips and tours in and around Rincon and Western Puerto Rico.

Bonus Nuclear Power Plant
A curious landmark, this green dome poking out from behind the palm trees north of Rincón town behind the Punta Higüero Lighthouse once housed the Caribbean's first nuclear-powered electricity-generating facility. Back when the Beach Boys led the surfin’ safari, the Boiling Nuclear Superheater Plant (known half-sarcastically by the acronym of Bonus) was a prototype of the superheater reactor. In its short life from 1960 to 1968, it suffered a reactor failure and drew scorn from environmentalists.
Rincon Beachboy standup Paddleboarding Contest

Rincon Beachboy, Inc. is a non-profit organization, based in Rincon, whose purpose is to promote the sport of "Stand Up Paddleboard". The famous paddle board race along the beautiful rincoeña coast is celebrated annually as a summit activity. Since its inception in 2009 the event has enjoyed the full support of the community and local and international enthusiasts of this new sport.

Rincon Whale Watching Festival

Rincon offers the most whale sightings in all of Puerto Rico during the prime season (January through March, peaking in February). A festival is made during those months with attractions music, food trucks and artisans for the enjoyo f the whole family. The observation park at the historic El Faro Lighthouse serves as a prime vantage point for whale-watching, with binocular-wielding tourists lined up most every day. The Mona Passage is another popular spot for whale-watching.

Rincon Yearly Caravana Yunta de Bueyes

On the month of December each year there will be “Bueyes” on parade from all over the island This is a rare opportunity to see these massive animals in person. You can enjoy this free for the whole family' event! 

  • On Saturday the celebration includes vendors, artisans, music, food, drinks and pony rides all in Plaza Amistad (the city park located on the 115 close to the downtown plaza) 
  • On Sunday there will be a parade where the Bueyes (Oxen) are the guests of honor and main attraction. The parade normally starts from Plaza Amistad and goes South on 115 towards Stella where it turns towards the Ocean .. taking the small coastal roads back towards Plaza and around to the Balneario for a little break before heading to and ending at Plaza Amistad